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Please complete your details below if you'd like to support Elmer's Great North Parade with the Savvy Solos group.

As was discussed at the Shoebox Expo event, we'd love to sponsor an Elmer Elephant as it’s such an exciting opportunity for all of us! To do this we need to raise £6,250 in support of the Children’s hospice at St Oswald’s. This will be an an amazing opportunity to raise the profile of Savvy Solos and our fantastic patchwork of individual businesses. There are brilliant PR opportunities for all of us!

If we can get 100 people within Savvys to each put in £62.50 then we can reach our target.

Every Savvy business can and will benefit from this so ideally we’d love everyones support. And we’ll support you to understand how this can work for your business! Louise Heaps will run an Elmer Ideation and content session to explore how to use the campaign to build your own brand awareness.

As Nicola mentioned, we know that financially it may be a big ask for some people, and so if they can’t make any financial contribution could their business donate something in kind - time, skills, services etc?

Likewise, if you're able to offer a higher donation in the event that we can't get 100 people to join in, then that would be amazing.

Signing up below will add you to a Mailchimp list so we can keep everyone who has signed up informed of what is happening. We're not asking anyone to pay anything yet - we just want names to see whether we can make this happen, then we'll sort the money out later.

Thank you!
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